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Mobility Awards


Winners of the 2012 Mobility Awards were announced at the 2012 Mobility Awards Banquet, held Wednesday, May 9th, during CTIA Wireless 2012 in New Orleans, LA.

2012 Mobility Awards Winners

2012 Mobility Awards Nominations


Inside Mobile is written by J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D.,
Principal Analyst with MobileTrax and
is published each Wednesday.


“CTIA Wireless – Wi-Fi Offloading to Meet Rich Media Demands”

The main theme of this year’s annual CTIA Wireless trade show and conference seemed to revolve around the tremendous growth in transmittal of rich media such as photos, songs and videos.  Smartphones now comprise more than 50% of total cell phone sales (vs. feature phones) and each smartphone either creates rich media to upload and share elsewhere on places like Facebook or they consume rich media from such sources as YouTube or TV segments covering news, weather and sports.  One HD video can be a number of gigabytes.

It doesn’t take long for most anyone to realize that trying to transmit millions HD videos every day challenges wireless broadband networks originally designed to transmit kilobytes of voice calls.

Long-term, the Federal Government and private industry need to work together to allocate significantly more wireless spectrum akin to building more highways to accommodate a gigantic increase in traffic.  It will likely take something akin to creating the Interstate highway system for wireless.

In the short-term, there is a push to move traffic off the cellular networks and on to Wi-Fi networks.  Relatively speaking, Wi-Fi can provide up to 300M bps vs. 5M bps over cellular (constrained by the Internet access backhaul).  In addition, the operators are using small Pico cells to provide more access points.

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Mobile Musings

Mobile Musing is written  monthly by Tom Wheeler, Managing Director at Core Capital Partners in Washington, DC.  Tom was the past CEO of the CTIA.  Dr. Purdy and Tom are professional friends and agreed to post Tom’s column on the MobileTrax web site each month.




"Living History"


"History doesn't look like history when you're living it," John Gardner observed.  As we deal with the chaos, confusion and change that new network technology is imposing on our business and personal lives, it is easy to miss the history of this moment.  We are experiencing a network revolution that ranks alongside that which began with Samuel F.B. Morse's immortal "What hath God wrought" in 1844.

Two forces that have been developing for decades – digital processing and digital networks – have matured to make 2012 an historic watershed.  Like the proverbial boiled frog, these changes have been developing in full view, but incrementally so as to hide their impact.  Suddenly, the convergence of digital wireless connectivity and truly mobile computing has created a boiling point.  The result is changing our lives and defining the patterns of future generations.

Electronic digital computing has been evolving since John Atanasoff first assembled such capability in the basement of the Iowa State physics building in 1938.  The vacuum-tubed mainframes that followed ultimately yielded to silicon mini computers, then to microchip-powered PCs, and now to pocket-sized mainframe computing power dubbed smartphones.  Last year this 70-plus-year evolution hit its inflection point when smartphone deliveries outstripped that of PCs.

Portable processing alone does not a revolution make, however.  Since the days of the early hunter-gatherers, the networks that connect us have been the forces that define us.  Coincident with smartphone sales exceeding the sales of PCs, the network changed.  The advent of LTE is more than the introduction of a new high-speed digital wireless network.  It is the digital partner to the pocket processor, and their combination is synergistic.

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Guest Editorial - Unwired Nation

One of our clients is working on an interesting spin on the mobility problem that I wanted to bring to your attention.  They've blogged about a looming issue that should be on everyone's radar screen who has interest in this space -- specifically, they're focused on the looming issue facing web software companies powering other businesses who need to transition millions of apps into app stores over the coming years.

Unwired Nation has landed strategic partnership deals with a variety of high value web service companies in a broad range of industry verticals, from Internet banking to pharmacy, from automotive dealership management to conference and tradeshow services.  They recently signed an agreement with RackSpace, a major cloud hosting provider, to provide their 170,000 customers with access to the Unwired Nation platform.

I expect to see a number of firms enter part or all of the space of assisting ASPs/SaaS providers with creating native mobile applications for their clients.  The space is too lucrative for there to be only one supplier.  And, the result of solutions like Unwired Nation will clearly create millions of new native mobile applications.

You’ll notice that this process is working over the next few years as just about every major firm that has a web-based service will be providing native mobile applications to their (branded) clients that will, in turn, be offering native mobile apps to their (millions) of customers.  I expect that most of the millions of branded web portals in existence today will eventually have native mobile applications available through the respective mobile platform app stores.  We’re clearly going from hundreds of thousands of native mobile apps to millions of apps in a very short time.

                                                                                                                                                 J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D.

Read more about Unwired Nation's take on this explosive market opportunity here: Death by 1000 Cuts: How Mobile Devices are Killing Web Software Companies and Endangering Small Business – And What They Can Do To Avoid the Scalability Trap.



Disclosure Statement:  From time to time, I may have an equity position in a company that is mentioned in this column. Also, vendors occasionally provide mobile and wireless products & services via editorial loan so that I may gain some personal experience with them. However, I am never obligated nor do I guarantee saying positive things about such products or services.  I always try to give a fair and honest appraisal of all mobile and wireless products & services that are covered in this web site.


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