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Often, Dr. Purdy will be called upon by the media for his perspectives on issues related to the mobile and wireless industry.  The following are recent appearances, either in print or on television, of Dr. Purdy's commentary:


MKG Financial Hour Radio Program - Mobile & Wireless Marketplace
Julie Bryan, CFA & Director of Research, MKG Financial Group, interviews Dr. Purdy.  Listen


MKG Financial Hour Radio Program - Mobile & Wireless Marketplace
David Gaskill, CIO & President, and Julie Bryan, CFA & Director of Research, MKG Financial Group, interviews Dr. Purdy.  Listen

Gary M. Kaye
"Is Computing Really Better in the Cloud"

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. was quoted in Kaye's article where he took "a hard look at both sides of the online storage solution." Click Here to read the article.


6Sight Mobile Imaging Conference Presentation:  Camera Phone Industry Perspective  - J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. (Speaker) and Panel Discussion:  Cell Phone Directions - J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. (Moderator)


Computer Outlook Talk Show - Java With John - A Chat with Industry Analyst - J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D.  LISTEN


MKG Financial Hour Radio Program - Mobile & Wireless Marketplace
Dr. Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst - Mobiletrax 

Adam Dickter
Rivals Hit Verizon's LTE as Launch Nears

"Ah, the joys of 'operator wars'.  The first LTE customers are very basic – USB modems for notebooks most typically used in one place.  (When was the last time you used a notebook while going down a freeway?).  LTE phones are still months away, and then they will have some speed increase for watching a web video; but, again, the biggest use may be to provide a modem to a computer.  Yes, Donovan’s comments are technically correct but won’t happen very often (or at all ) for quite a while." READ MORE


MKG FInancial Hour Radio Program - Mobile & Wireless Marketplace
Dr. Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst - Mobiletrax 


Atlanta Wireless Technology Forum

The Atlanta Wireless Technology Forum program on Thursday, Nov. 18 providing an outlook in mobile and wireless for 2011.  Speakers include (from left to right): Jeremy Schneider (Partner, Telecom Group, McKinsey & Co.), Rob Prudhomme (VP, Telecom Group, Nielsen), Jorge Fuenzalida (VP, Strategy and Technology Group, inCode Telecom Group), Phil Hendrix, Ph.D. (Principal Analyst, Institute for Mobile Markets Research – immr), Steven Leonard (Regional Data Manager, Verizon Wireless) and J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. (MobileTrax) who was moderator for the evening.


Executive Sales and Marketing Association meeting - Industry Analysts: Friend or Foe and How to use Them to Increawe Revenues.


Fox Business News - Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7


MKG FInancial Hour Radio Program - Smartphone Trends
Dr. Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst - Mobiletrax 


Steven Lawson
Hiring Stephen Elop won't fix Nokia's woes, analysts say

"'The company has also failed to craft a design and interface approach that suits the US market', said Mobiletrax analyst Gerry Purdy. 'The typefaces, screen layouts and hardware designs of Nokia phones still all fit a European sensibility despite the company having established a design center in San Diego', he said."... READ MORE


Java with John Radio Talk Show
Dr. Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst - Mobiletrax  LISTEN


Fox Business News - 12:45pm the Cheryl Cason show
Subject:  BlackBerry Mobile Commerce (No video archive avaialble)


Chicago Tribune
Wailin Wong
Droid X Readies for Battle

"Gerry Purdy, managing director of research firm Mobiletrax, said the one-upmanship game among smart phone companies is beneficial for consumers.  'There's some exciting times ahead, and what's good about it is we have an environment where users are getting great value,' he said. 'They're getting more computing capability, more communication and more applications they can choose from.'"


MKG FInancial Hour Radio Program
Dr. Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst - Mobiletrax 


New York Times
Jenna Wortham
Orders for the iPhone 4 top 600,000, Apple Says

"Analysts said the number demonstrated that Apple remained a fierce contender in the smartphone industry, despite competition from hardware manufacturers like Motorola and HTC and from Google’s Android phone software.  'It shows the Apple magic is still present,' said Gerry Purdy, a mobile analyst at MobileTrax. 'It’s impressive.'"... 

Adam Dickter
Apple Pays Price For AT&T Loyalty, Survey Says

"... Purdy said the rivalry will test the locked versus unlocked models of cell phone marketing.  'Google and Android are promoting an open model vs. closed by Apple,' said the analyst. 'Google will likely end up in a few years with more handheld units but Apple may also be growing so they will both gain on Nokia. It's not clear yet whether open model will be the ultimate winner.'... 

Adam Dickter
Despite Dropped Calls, Poll Finds AT&T Users Loyal

"I don't think AT&T is in trouble, but they are having a tough time transitioning from TDMA, where they had all their network infrastructure, to GSM/3G," said MobilTrax analyst Gerry Purdy. "They are building out like mad, but it will take a while for them to catch up and then migrate to LTE."  READ MORE


San Francisco Chronicle
Ryan Kim
Palm may be forced out of market it launched

"... Bigger companies may have been able to absorb the distractions without too much fallout. But for Palm, which never posted revenues of more than $1.6 billion, the loss of focus took a big toll.  'I think Palm had so much turmoil, it acted as a deterrent from all the stability they needed,' said J. Gerry Purdy, an analyst with MobileTrax..."  READ MORE


Dallas Business Journal
Jeff Bounds
Dell Contract Could Double Credant’s Revenue

"...Credant has gotten tremendous traction with (large) customers, said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst at Mobiletrax LLC, an Atlanta market research and..."  READ MORE (subscription required)


Bloomburg Businessweek
Cliff Edwards
Qualcomm's Bright Low-Power Screen
So-called reflective displays use microscopic mirrors to create iridescence

:..Mirasol screens may be a good fit for devices targeted at customers who don't want to pay the $499 price tag for the entry-level iPad but want more than what the monochrome Kindle can offer. "If you just want to read books and get occasional multimedia," says J. Gerry Purdy of researcher MobileTrax, "Mirasol is going to be in the hunt as the best display technology..."


MKG FInancial Hour Radio Program
Dr. Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst - Mobiletrax 

Adam Dickter
AdMob Says Android Traffic Tops Apple's iPhone in U.S.


EE Times
by Rick Merritt
Rx for iPhone: Support Adobe Flash, microSD, NFC

"The Apple iPhone should embrace Adobe Flash, microSD cards, multitasking and near-field communications. That's the smartphone prescription written by J. Gerry Purdy, principal analyst with MobileTrax LLC in an opinion piece sent out via email Wednesday (March 17)."  READ MORE


New York Times
by Brad Stone and Jenna Wortham
Apple Debuts Tablet-style iPad

"…Gerry Purdy, an independent analyst who keeps a close eye on the e-reader industry, said, 'Reading a book on an iPad isn't necessarily going to be that much better — a whole lot better — it will still be in black and white. The Kindle still represents a good vehicle for people who only want an e-reader.'"  READ MORE


Fox Business News - Smart Phones. Dumb Networks


Computerworld Online
by Matt Hamblen
7 Smart Phone Predictions for 2010

... "Because of the global recession, mobile phone sales have experienced slower growth during the past 12 to 18 months, but the number of subscribers still grew during that period, while the growth in smartphone sales was "amazing" and was in line with what could be expected during a growth market, Purdy added"... READ MORE


Arizona Rebuplic
by Ryan Randazzo
Motorola's Droid ready to take on the iPhone

... " 'tenfold in the next decade', said J. Gerry Purdy, vice president and chief analyst for Frost & Sullivan's mobile and wireless practice. ..."  READ MORE


Fox Business News - Palm to Launch "Do or Die" Smart Phones

Gerry Purdy of MobilTrax sees the move as a bit of muscle-flexing by Google.  'I suspect that Google thinks it should control the operators much like it may observe Apple appear to control AT&T Wireless, since most iPhones are sold outside of the AT&T stores,' Purdy said.'..  READ MORE




MKG Financial Hour Radio Program - Mobile & Wireless Marketplace
David Gaskill, CIO & President, MKG Financial Group, interviews Dr. Purdy regarding tablet adoption, iCloud, the maturation of wireless data plans and how tech and wireless products will fare during the upcoming holiday season.  
You will need Real Player to listen to the program - it is a free download from this site - select the date to LISTEN and install the program if needed.


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