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Mobility Awards  

 About the Mobility Awards

The Mobility Awards honor the best and finest mobile & wireless products and services in the industry in a number of categories and subcategories. The Selection Committee is comprised of 30-40 distinguished mobile and wireless industry analysts and press: they vote on the products and services nominated based on which firms, products and services have made or will make the greatest impact on the industry. The requirements for nomination are that the product or service must already be in place, shipping or about to ship and covers products from the prior year - for the 2013 Mobility Awards that is 2012.

The winners of the Mobility Awards are included in the press release announcing the winners. Those winners are invited to attend the Mobility Awards banquet on Wednesday, January 9, 2013, during International CES in Las Vegas.  The Registration Fee for the banquet is $495. Finally, winners are invited to participate in a co-marketing program to promote the use of the Mobility Awards brand for a fee.

For information on the Mobility Awards, contact Gerry Purdy at [email protected].



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