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Jan 16

Written by: J. Gerry Purdy

The 2013 Mobility Awards banquet was held at the famous Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas on Wednesday evening, January 9th, as part of International CES®. Approximately 90 attended the gala including many members of the press.

Each year, we define the major categories and sub-categories that best represent the current status of the mobile and wireless industry. We then let vendors and their PR representatives nominate their products or services in up to two different sub-categories. We had over 600 nominations in 16 major categories and 70 sub-categories. We turned off the nomination process the first week in December.

During the fall, we recruited 61 members of the press and analysts to vote on the products and services they felt were the best in each sub-category. The voting started just before Christmas and was completed just after the New Year. We compiled the winners and announced them at the banquet on January 9th.

A number of the winning companies sent representatives to the 2013 Mobility Awards banquet which was held at the Bellagio. Las Vegas is a big place with each hotel having a major conference center – all in addition to the Las Vegas Convention Center where companies had small to gigantic booths. I’ll report next week on some interesting things I saw during the show.

I was fortunate to have my beautiful wife, Alicia, join me in Las Vegas and work with Ms. B. J. Chumbler to help check everyone in. B. J. is the ‘unsung heroine’ of MobileTrax. She lays out the Inside Mobile column each week and manages all of the registration details for each of the MobileTrax Mobility Award events.

The reception was held from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm followed by dinner from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. We actually wrapped up the dinner 10 minutes early to the delight of all those who attended.

The first keynote of the evening was by Chris Penrose, Sr. VP of the Emerging Products Group at AT&T Mobility. Chris related all the new areas in which AT&T is seeing tremendous growth in mobile and wireless from telematics to health care to wireless used in delivering security to the home.

The second keynote of the evening was given by Tim Wagner, VP of B2B Sales for Samsung. Most everyone knows that Samsung has hit a home run with the development of the Galaxy S® III smartphone that is currently out-selling the Apple iPhone worldwide. Tim related that he came from Research in Motion for the purpose of building Samsung’s success in the enterprise which is a huge market for Samsung. He shared that in special cases that are justified, Samsung has even created a variant of their standard commercial products in order to serve a large opportunity.

We also had a number of technology presentations at the banquet. The first was given by Paul Gallagher, VP of Marketing at Pelican Imaging. The company is developing a new camera technology for smartphones that uses an array of low-cost image capture lenses. It then integrates a full image in 3D that can be adjusted in real time by the user. Pelican’s solution is expected to come to market by the end of 2013.

Jeffrey Franklin, VP of Limitless Computing, demonstrated their innovative augmented reality system that enables taking animation or created images and then portraying them in the real scene using the camera in a smartphone or tablet. A good example was the animation of a building that was placed in the camera so you could look at the building from different perspectives or the insertion of animation characters in smartphone images or video.

Toby Rush, CEO of EyeVerify, gave a technology presentation showing how they are able to take a photo of the user’s eyes using a smartphone’s camera and then storing various aspects of the blood vessels. These represent unique qualities for each user and are similar to the unique quality of a user’s fingerprints. This technology allows for an easy way to verify the user is who they say they are and can be used in mobile commerce, as well as in voting and other markets.

Josh Mathews, CEO of Apkudo, gave a technology presentation on a problem that just about every third party software and enterprise IT shop has when they develop Android apps: how do they certify the app will run properly? Apkudo has developed an Android app certification system that runs a new app against many different Android hardware renditions. This service is becoming very successful.

Jason Sullivan, CEO and Founder of GuardianLion, gave the final technology presentation on his company that is in the process of launching a new cell phone designed for young children that is tamper proof and includes GPS. The objective is to help prevent child abduction and can be used in other applications.

The dinner was a wonderful time to celebrate and acknowledge the best and finest products and services in the mobile and wireless industry as selected by the 61 members of the press and analysts. And, a great networking opportunity.

Here are photos of the Mobility Awards presentations.

Following are scenes from the banquet.

We were pleased to give out the Product of the Year award to Samsung for the Galaxy S® III. Samsung also provided 10 Galaxy S® III smartphones and 2 Galaxy Note™ II units as door prizes. This turned out to be a major surprise and well-received part of the entire dinner.

I want to thank the sponsors, speakers, technology presenters and everyone who attended the 2013 Mobility Awards banquet. It was great recognition for the hard work that millions of people who work in the mobile and wireless industry do and for the fine products and services that they have created.

Use this link to see an online photo album of the photos taken at the 2013 Mobility Awards banquet.

Photo credit: Matt Chichelli, Photo Operations Manager, The Bellagio, Cashman Professional.
Written By:
J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. 
Principal Analyst
Mobile & Wireless
MobileTrax LLC
Disclosure Statement: From time to time, I may have a direct or indirect equity position in a company that is mentioned in this column. If that situation happens, then I’ll disclose it at that time.


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